Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 17

Not so much fun today. I think the "tiger blood" has worn off because I am tired and grumpy. I did a lot of snacking today because I was irritated with life. I wonder how many pumpkin seeds are not good for you??? At least I won't have any issues being regular for a few days... Pumpkin seeds are an anthelminthic so I also won't have any issues with tapeworms, either.....

Okay, enough of that talk. I am sure the last two people who were following this blog have just unfollowed it.

I did pull it together to make a great dinner of meatballs, sauce, and zucchini "fries" from the Against All Grain blog. Everything was super good. Even the meatballs were good considering the unlabeled package of ground meat I grabbed from the freezer was probably lamb and not beef. My kid approved of them so the must have been yum!

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