Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 7 - Benefits so far

After a week, I am feeling great! The annoying cravings are gone and I actually look forward to a plain salad. I have noticed some benefits so far. I have lots of energy during the day. I feel caffeinated all the time, even though I only have my standard two cups of coffee per day. Lots of aches and pains are gone. I didn't have many big health issues before but I was starting to feel older and not move as well. I am pretty active compared to some people but can get a little sore now and then. Those aches are gone. I can stress my lower back without feeling it for two days. Of course my clothes already fit better, which is always a great benefit of any nutrition program. A final great benefit of getting to day 7 is that I feel like I could do this forever. Whoot!

Chow down: nothing exciting today...leftovers.

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