Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 10

I really wanted to throw in the towel today. We went out to a new place in town for dinner. I was looking forward to it and had already previewed the menu on their website. When we got there we realized that they only had four tables for thirty people. The place was packed. So we wound up standing in the hallway waiting for an hour for takeout. We went to a friend's house to eat. I was super pissed the whole time because I was freaking starving and tired from working all day. So I spent the wait time growling at my kid and throwing some major shade at any fool who looked at me. Of course karma is a bitch because when we unpacked my dinner salad with grilled shrimp, it was a damn iceburg lettuce side salad with two dried up shrimp thrown on top. I really wanted to cry. Actually I wanted to binge eat my kid's pizza and chase it with a gallon of beer. It was hard to sit there and choke down that little pile of crap while everyone else ate fajitas and pizzas. Oh well. I fully plan on making fajitas for lunch tomorrow to make up for it. That's something to look forward to!

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