Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Problem With Paleo!

Due to the Whole30 being similar to the Paleo Diet, I have bookmarked and "liked" a bunch of Paleo recipe sites. But now I am getting fed up with them. Everyday my Facebook wall is flooded with chocolatey, gooey Paleo faux food. I can't stand it! Paleo chefs have decided that since they won't eat regular cookies, cakes, and candies then it's perfectly okay to replicate these naughty foods with Paleo ingredients. Since the whole point of the Paleo Diet is to change the way you eat, why would you replicate all the bad foods??

The final straw for me came when I saw a post for Paleo Girl Scout Samoa cookies.Those cookies are the epitome of an unhappy food relationship because they are full of unhealthy ingredients and the whole box is typically a single serving, at least in my world. With so much effort put into following the Paleo requirements, why would you want to support unstable eating habits by mimicking bad food?

Apparently the Paleo Diet is no better for you than any other popular diet. The low fat diet took normal food and recreated it as fat free or low fat by swapping out oils for sugar and carbs. The sugar-free craze took normal food and substituted chemicals to add sweetness. Now the Paleo Diet is swapping out processed foods for their less processed but equally psychologically damaging look alikes.

I am not questioning the physical benefits of the Paleo Diet because eating less processed foods is always good for your body. I am questioning the psychological benefits of a diet that pushes the same chocolatey triggers that people have to avoid in order to live healthy. It's hard enough to change what you eat without having to dodge mind-bombs about how to eat. There's nothing stopping me from downing a whole tray of Paleo brownies if they taste as good as regular brownies. My mouth doesn't know the difference and it doesn't care. It just wants to eat all the foodz!

So now I will be unliking a lot of Paleo sites and working on avoiding those naughty foods even if they are Paleo Oreos.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's a good day

Today is a good day. I weighed myself and did a double take on the scale. I am 188 lbs today. I haven't been this thin since at least 2006. Whoot! I wanted to weigh in today because I have been eating a lot lately. The food has been Whole30 approved but I just couldn't stop shoving it in my face. I had two large servings of curry coconut sweet potatoes for dinner and lots of dried fruit and nuts for snacks. The past few days have been a food parade. I was super relieved to see the scale numbers.

I used to have major diet anxiety. I would get so worked up about what I should and shouldn't eat that I wouldn't eat anything. That would last for about an hour before I would say screw it and stuff my face with all the bad things. This cycle would happen day after day. I would go to bed vowing to eat better from then on. I would wake up on track and then fall apart by 10am.

During the Whole30 I learned some of my triggers which cause me to go off plan. Dairy products are out for me. It has nothing to do with milk allergies or lactose intolerance, I just can't stop eating cheese. I love it. On previous low carb diets I would use dairy as a replacement for the grains and sugars I didn't eat. Whole meals would be just cheese or yogurt. So no more dairy for me. Another trigger is time of day. I get cravings at 3pm and 8pm. I know those are times when I want bad foods so I try to ignore the cravings and eat fresh fruit instead of chips and chocolate. Luckily fruit doesn't seem to make me crave sugars, like it can in some people. I made some homemade banana nut larabars today for those 8pm cravings. They're just banana, almonds, and dates. Yum!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life after the Whole 30

I took a vacation from the Whole 30 a few days ago after finishing the first 30 days. I ate King Cake from New Orleans, had whiskey and beer at a party, ate chips, cheese, chocolate, lasagna, bread, beans, and every other off-limits thing I could find. After two days of that, I was ready to go back to the Whole 30 plan. The two days off left me feeling really bloated and grumpy. The off-limits food I ate didn't taste any better than the on-plan stuff I had been eating. I thought my reunion with my friend dairy foods would be like heaven, but it wasn't. It was not as exciting as it could be and left me feeling blah.

Now I am back for another 30 days of the Whole 30. I learned a lot during the first 30 days and I am ready to keep going.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And now for something entirely different...

This blanket was knitted by my mother-in-law. It's made with yarn from my Angora goat. It's a goat fur blanket. And it's darn gorgeous!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Whole30 Break

I went to a party last night so I gave myself six hours to eat and drink whatever I wanted. And boy, did I!! I had whiskey and chips and lasagna and brownies and cupcakes and cheese and beer. After eating so many forbidden foods, I realize it's all just calories and not much that I am missing in terms of tastes and flavors. I wasn't impressed with that stuff even after not eating it for 30 days. I don't feel deprived at all by the Whole30 rules.

Now I will go back to the Whole30 today. The six hour break was fun and I may do it again but I don't think I will keep that up. I prefer the Whole30 to the alternative.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 30: I made it!!!

It's day 30!! I did it. I feel great! I have slayed the sugar dragon and killed the carb ogre. I lost ten pounds and have tons of energy. I am used to the rules and enjoy the food I can eat. I will be extending the Whole30 for a while.

There is a lot of fear of my reaction to sugar and carbs once I start eating them again. My husband got a ton of chocolates, flavored popcorn, and flavored peanuts from his parents today. It is hard to see that deliciousness and not dive in mouth first. But I have the Whole30 in my corner and I know that wanting a treat and craving a treat are two entirely different situations. Wanting is a minor annoyance. Craving is insidious and takes over your brain. Craving is addiction related to me. I get cravings when I am addicted to certain foods. My brain says "Just take a little bite, it won't hurt. The food wants you to eat it. It loves you and won't hurt you. Besides you can quit anytime." Cravings crawl in my head and don't stop until they are satisfied (usually by me falling face first into a bag of chocolate covered pretzels at 10pm). Due to this problem I would like to keep the cravings away by avoiding my trigger foods all together. So it's Whole30 all the time baby!!

I am not worried about staying on the Whole30 indefinitely. It's a lot easier to just stay on it than to reslay that f*****ing dragon with an ogre on its back.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 27: Unexpected Benefits

I am getting close to completing my first ever Whole30. A few days before I started it, I had never even heard of it. I was looking for a change of pace and had started investigating the Paleo Diet when I found the Whole30. In a flash of fate and good timing, I started it and haven't quit. I certainly can say that I have started a lot of diets and quit a lot of them in my life. Luckily this one clicked this time.

I have experienced a lot of expected benefits, like weight loss and more energy. I have also found a few unexpected benefits. One is that I consume a third less to two thirds less calories a day. I used to shove endless snacks and unnecessary food in my face all day long and eat three cheese and carb laden meals a day. Now I eat three meals a day and some fruit and nuts for snacks. Some of my meals are only fruit or veggies so they are way less calorific than others.

Another benefit is related to snacking. I was a closet snacker who would eat when I thought no one was watching. I would eat in the car or after my family went to bed. I would gorge on chips, cookies, crackers, and bread everyday. My preferred snacks were ones that were hard to keep count of. I would bake cookies instead of cake or brownies because it's harder for someone to tell how many you ate. I would eat whole packages of things so I could dispose of the evidence before anyone saw.

My dentist will love the fact that I floss every day now. I didn't plan on better dental hygiene as a benefit but since I am eating a lot of fibrous foods, I have to floss constantly. I even have floss at work now. I never used to floss because of my heavy diet of dairy and soft pasta and breads.

As I approach the end of the thirty days, I am looking forward to living this lifestyle for as long as I can.