Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I did this weekend!

Every year in Saranac Lake, NY there is a parade to honor the only thing that this town is reknown for ---- WINTER! The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Parade is a tradition that dates back over 100 years. Once upon a time, people of the town got tired of sitting around in the snow and decided, "Heck! Let's party!". So the tradition was born. Winter Carnival is the culmination of 2 weeks worth of public drunkeness and ridiculous activities that only snow-crazed lunatics would dream up. Some of those activities include: snow volleyball, snow rugby, snowmobile races across a semi-frozen lake, and the building of the traditional ice palace. The parade is the icing on the cake of a loooong two weeks of activities.

Every year, my place of employment has a float in the Winter Carnival Parade. Somehow I got roped into being in charge of creating that float and coordinating the work done on it. The float must somehow reflect the spirit and theme of each Winter Carnival. This year's theme was "Adirondack Cowboys". The float committee that I head up decided to marry those two ideas by creating a bucking bull moose to be ridden by a nominee chosen by the other employees. There was a contest and employees got to nominate people to ride the moose and then they got to vote on the top three nominees. The winner got to ride the moose down Main Street the entire parade. People got really into voting and everyone had a good time.

Here is a picture of the float. I think it is worth 1000 words. Yeehaw!!!