Thursday, June 12, 2014

Everyone Needs A Wether!

I never, ever thought I would be a person who would keep a neutered male goat for any reason. I always considered myself very utilitarian and don't have much love for animals without a very specific function or use. Wethers always seemed so pointless to me. Neutered males can't make babies and they don't give milk. They hang out, take up space, and eat with no return on the investment. The best option for them was butchering and eating them. At least then you would get a few meals out of them.

Fast forward to now and I find myself having had a wether for 4 years! I have one Angora wether. At first I kept him for his fleece but now I keep him because every farm needs a wether! Wethers are great additions to any production herd. My other goats are dairy females that I breed every year to get milk. The girls earn their keep with their milk. My wether earns his keep by being a great companion to my girls. He gets along with all the does, regardless of their herd status. He doesn't bother the kids who like to jump on him and chew on his fur. He always loves to meet new people and comes with me to various public events. I have taken him to parades before and I always get a kick when people say I have a "funny looking sheep". My wether will always have a home in my herd. He's a good boy and doesn't cause any problems. I love that he can be put with any of the females or kids and I know they are in good hands. He is a great buddy to any bucks I have kept. My wether is always on call to be a friend to does and bucks alike.

Wethers may seem kind of useless but a well-behave boy can be worth his weight in gold and pay you back with the joy he brings to your daily routine.