Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Goats: 2009 Edition!

Here are the newest set of kids. This is Pepper's twin does that were born yesterday morning.

This is another picture of little Madge.

Here is Lucy and Matilda.

This is big Gloria.

It's Black Bart! One of Lucy's twin boys.

Here's all the older kids that were born this year. There are twin boys, twin girls, a boy and a girl. All are healthy and love to jump around.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Goats Are Here!!

Finally my goats have started to have babies! This weekend was a busy one with goats having babies everyday. On Friday, Matilda had twin girls. On Saturday, Gloria had a boy and a girl. On Sunday, Lucy had twin boys. All babies are doing well and are already starting to bounce around.

Here is Cheryl and Martha. They are Matilda's kids.

This is Hey-Zeus. He is Gloria's kid.

This is Hey-Zeus' sister Madge.

These two are Lucy's boys. I don't have names for them yet - I need suggestions.

Here is another cute picture of Martha.