Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Problem With Paleo!

Due to the Whole30 being similar to the Paleo Diet, I have bookmarked and "liked" a bunch of Paleo recipe sites. But now I am getting fed up with them. Everyday my Facebook wall is flooded with chocolatey, gooey Paleo faux food. I can't stand it! Paleo chefs have decided that since they won't eat regular cookies, cakes, and candies then it's perfectly okay to replicate these naughty foods with Paleo ingredients. Since the whole point of the Paleo Diet is to change the way you eat, why would you replicate all the bad foods??

The final straw for me came when I saw a post for Paleo Girl Scout Samoa cookies.Those cookies are the epitome of an unhappy food relationship because they are full of unhealthy ingredients and the whole box is typically a single serving, at least in my world. With so much effort put into following the Paleo requirements, why would you want to support unstable eating habits by mimicking bad food?

Apparently the Paleo Diet is no better for you than any other popular diet. The low fat diet took normal food and recreated it as fat free or low fat by swapping out oils for sugar and carbs. The sugar-free craze took normal food and substituted chemicals to add sweetness. Now the Paleo Diet is swapping out processed foods for their less processed but equally psychologically damaging look alikes.

I am not questioning the physical benefits of the Paleo Diet because eating less processed foods is always good for your body. I am questioning the psychological benefits of a diet that pushes the same chocolatey triggers that people have to avoid in order to live healthy. It's hard enough to change what you eat without having to dodge mind-bombs about how to eat. There's nothing stopping me from downing a whole tray of Paleo brownies if they taste as good as regular brownies. My mouth doesn't know the difference and it doesn't care. It just wants to eat all the foodz!

So now I will be unliking a lot of Paleo sites and working on avoiding those naughty foods even if they are Paleo Oreos.

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