Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 30: I made it!!!

It's day 30!! I did it. I feel great! I have slayed the sugar dragon and killed the carb ogre. I lost ten pounds and have tons of energy. I am used to the rules and enjoy the food I can eat. I will be extending the Whole30 for a while.

There is a lot of fear of my reaction to sugar and carbs once I start eating them again. My husband got a ton of chocolates, flavored popcorn, and flavored peanuts from his parents today. It is hard to see that deliciousness and not dive in mouth first. But I have the Whole30 in my corner and I know that wanting a treat and craving a treat are two entirely different situations. Wanting is a minor annoyance. Craving is insidious and takes over your brain. Craving is addiction related to me. I get cravings when I am addicted to certain foods. My brain says "Just take a little bite, it won't hurt. The food wants you to eat it. It loves you and won't hurt you. Besides you can quit anytime." Cravings crawl in my head and don't stop until they are satisfied (usually by me falling face first into a bag of chocolate covered pretzels at 10pm). Due to this problem I would like to keep the cravings away by avoiding my trigger foods all together. So it's Whole30 all the time baby!!

I am not worried about staying on the Whole30 indefinitely. It's a lot easier to just stay on it than to reslay that f*****ing dragon with an ogre on its back.

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