Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ice fishing: Part Deux

My husband brought home more perch. Yay...... Luckily he also brought the neighbors home with him to help eat the darn suckers. After a marathon fish cleaning session by the guys, I took over and cooked them. I did my new favorite of lemon juice and fried in coconut oil. I also breaded some in a coconut flake and almond meal mixture. Those ones were reminiscent of coconut shrimp. Pretty good. Of course it helped that there were four extra people eating them so it didn't look obvious that I only ate a few.

I made a trek to the big city and got some shopping done. I stopped at Chipotle for the first time ever and had a very good salad of lettuce, grilled peppers and onions, salsa, guacamole, and corn salsa. I know corn is off limits but since this was fresh corn, I figured it fell under the white potato rule of being more a vegetable and less a starch. The salad was great! If I do it again, I would get double peppers and onions because those were really good.

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