Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's a good day

Today is a good day. I weighed myself and did a double take on the scale. I am 188 lbs today. I haven't been this thin since at least 2006. Whoot! I wanted to weigh in today because I have been eating a lot lately. The food has been Whole30 approved but I just couldn't stop shoving it in my face. I had two large servings of curry coconut sweet potatoes for dinner and lots of dried fruit and nuts for snacks. The past few days have been a food parade. I was super relieved to see the scale numbers.

I used to have major diet anxiety. I would get so worked up about what I should and shouldn't eat that I wouldn't eat anything. That would last for about an hour before I would say screw it and stuff my face with all the bad things. This cycle would happen day after day. I would go to bed vowing to eat better from then on. I would wake up on track and then fall apart by 10am.

During the Whole30 I learned some of my triggers which cause me to go off plan. Dairy products are out for me. It has nothing to do with milk allergies or lactose intolerance, I just can't stop eating cheese. I love it. On previous low carb diets I would use dairy as a replacement for the grains and sugars I didn't eat. Whole meals would be just cheese or yogurt. So no more dairy for me. Another trigger is time of day. I get cravings at 3pm and 8pm. I know those are times when I want bad foods so I try to ignore the cravings and eat fresh fruit instead of chips and chocolate. Luckily fruit doesn't seem to make me crave sugars, like it can in some people. I made some homemade banana nut larabars today for those 8pm cravings. They're just banana, almonds, and dates. Yum!

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