Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day...let's say...22

Still going well on the Whole30. I am having some post-30 anxiety about how I should handle being off of the diet. I would like to extend it for a while longer because now I am in the groove. I feel that it is a lot easier to navigate food choices when you have very strict and clear rules to follow. I didn't have a terrible diet before this and wasn't able to feel good and lose weight like this. (Okay, maybe I did tend to eat like a shame-filled seventeen year old, but even when I did concentrate on eating good stuff, it was a real struggle to make a difference). The cooking every night is getting easier. And lots of the recipes are really awesome. I am in love with Nom Nom Paleo!! I think you've really hit the Whole30 stride when you start craving fish sauce.

I do have a dilemma because on Friday my coworker is having Mardi Gras king cakes hand delivered from New Orleans. I don't know when my next opportunity to find the baby will be so I think I will totally have to break some rules for this (okay, not "some" rules, ALL of them!!!). The big fear is that one bite will send me on a downward spiral where I will wake up to find myself covered in chocolate ganache and Cheetoh dust in the backseat of my car two Wednesdays from now. Oh well, my commitment to myself will be tested but if I am going to stay healthy, I have to pull on my big-girl pants (not fat pants!!).

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