Friday, March 6, 2015

Whole30 Do-Over

Ugh. Tonight I binged on chocolate covered peanuts while my husband was in the shower. And I had a Shamrock Shake on the way home from work. These are both unhealthy food habits that are purely psychological. Binging in the car or late at night is a huge problem for me. I really need to stop these habits before they become normal again. Before the Whole30, I was regularly eating all sorts of junk when I thought no one was looking. Most of that problem went away after a few weeks on the Whole30 rules. Now I have slipped backwards into unhealthy eating land. I think the reasons for this are because I got too focused on the scale and not enough focused on the food.

My weight has gone up slightly since I stopped being strictly Whole30. This is discouraging and has allowed all my old bad thoughts of "food deprivation for no pay off" work their way back into my brain. It's easy to convince me to quit when I don't get instant gratification. I was doing so well at not feeling pressured to snack at night and not feeling cravings for sweets. Now those feelings have crept back in as I get discouraged.

I know I haven't been focusing on the food enough lately. I haven't been prepping or planning my meals consistently. I also haven't been packing or picking Whole30 alternatives when I find myself in a sticky situation. I have given in to tacos and pizza and wings and cake because that was what was available. I have let myself slip because I wasn't prepared to follow the rules or figured a little bending of them wouldn't hurt.

Well, I know better than that. I don't want to go back to that unhealthy place I was. I saw the light of the Whole30 and I want to stay there.

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