Saturday, March 7, 2015

Goat Herbal Deworming Results

Remember how this blog used to be about my life on my farm before I turned it into my personal food journal and diet diary? Well, today I actually have an update from the farm!!

Currently I have five goats. Three of them are pregnant. They are in their last month of pregnancy and will probably all kid on the same day since they were all bred within two days of each other. My other two goats are just hanging out this winter. One is my Angora wether and the other is my 8 year old Alpine herd queen. All of my goats have been on Molly's Herbals Dewormer blend since August. Molly's blend has two parts: one is a tonic that is given weekly, the other is a wormwood dewormer that is given every 6-8 weeks. For pregnant goats, it is not recommended to give them wormwood, so my pregos have only had the tonic for the last four months. My not pregnant goats are getting the wormwood as scheduled.

Today I did fecal samples to look for worms in all the goats. I was able to get some fresh samples and some pooled samples from the stalls. I had some pretty amazing results from this testing. The goats on the wormwood formula had NO worm eggs in their samples. I was shocked because these two goats are usually very prone to worms. On the other hand, my pregnant goats who are not getting wormwood, had TONS of worm eggs in their samples!! All these goats spend time together so transmission of worms from the infested to the not infested goats is totally possible. This is part of the reason I was shocked to see two/fifths of my herd completely clear and the rest very infested.

Obviously, the wormwood formula is incredibly important for keeping worms out of the goats. I will be dosing my pregnant goats with wormwood immediately to get rid of the worms they have before they kid. I am continuously impressed with the efficacy of herbal dewormers.