Tuesday, September 8, 2015

life is.... life

My kid is crying because I used the toilet first. Apparently she needs to be Queen of Her Domain in the bathroom in order to feel that all is right and good enough to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. She's stalling the inevitable bedtime. I love how stalling only occurs on nights when she's tired and really needs to go to bed early.

My job situation sorted itself out for the most part. I am back to Plan A. This is good. The universe calmed down with its cosmic signs. I never heard back from Plan W. I hate job searching because if you don't hear back from a company after you send a resume or application, there's no good way to tell if it is because you aren't qualified enough, or are overqualified, or they already hired someone else, or they didn't like your cover letter, or they never received your information in the first place. It's painful to speculate on why you are not hearing anything but it's impossible to not imagine all sorts of terrible things.

Considering that I just had a craving for speculoos cookie butter because I just typed the word "speculate", it must mean one thing --- I am back to not eating carbs again. Don't worry, I won't start posting my lame meal plans and boring dietary musings on a daily basis. Between job stress and the fallish weather, I have been pounding cookies with vengeance. I got lazy and stopped cooking. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with popcorn on the side have been a staple. Ugh...

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