Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Universe Is Mocking Me

My life has been "special" lately. By "special", I mean totally effed up. I will be losing my job in two months. My super awesome boss is moving his research program to another state. He asked, or actually begged, me to come with him and my other coworkers. Unfortunately I can't bring myself to force my family to move to a state where we have never even driven through for a job that can't guarantee 10 years of stability. And there's the tiny issue of my husband's super successful tree care business that he would have to abandon here and try to reestablish there. So yeah, I will not be going with the rest of the group.

That leaves me trying to find a job. In the area that I live, there's not a whole lot of options for the line of work that I do. Through the panic of thinking about this situation and trying to decide what to do, I begged the universe for a neon sign to show me what to do. I had Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and wanted a sign for which one to pursue. There's a lot of wacky coincidences that happen in strange ways, so I do believe in signs and fate.

Well, the other day I was cruising the interwebz trying to get my mind off my crappy situation by surfing around looking for jobs in random locations. Low and behold, I stumble upon a detailed help wanted ad with a job description that eerily mirrors my exact current job description. It was freaky the way this position was looking for someone with my exact qualifications and training. So I then checked out the location of this job and was floored to find it located about thirty minutes from my parent's house. Ack!

I have always hoped to move back to that area. My parents have a large farmstead with a gorgeous house, several nice barns, and two small apartments. They live near a big city but are located in a rural area. My mom has often said that as she and dad get older, they would love to move out of the big house and into one of the small apartments. And then one of the kids could live in the big house and take care of the farm (and them). It would be so nice to have the help of family nearby when I needed it. My other family members live in that area too. The only problem is that my husband would have to relocate his company and live with his in-laws. He likes my family a lot but that's a big commitment for someone to do.

This job description has to be the sign I asked for. But, of course, instead of pointing to Plan A, B, or C. It points to Plan W! This idea of moving home is not what I was expecting. The universe is definitely mocking me by giving me a bright sign to a complicated new idea.

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