Monday, May 4, 2015

Entertaining Without Food

One of the thing I would like to work on is learning to entertain myself without food. I have always tended to use food as a form of entertainment -- every trip ends with going out to eat, or every party is centered around meal. I am struggling with removing food as the focal point because if I know I shouldn't eat certain things, then I need to avoid bad food options by having non-food options. I need to think of things that are fun that do not fill my face.

This is becoming a major issue because my kid has caught on that fun = food. She likes making special trips to go out to eat and she wants snacks in the car whenever we go anywhere. She's not even a big foodie but she has learned that doing something fun with mommy should involve food.

I tried to think of non-food activities this weekend and came up with a very short list. I am saddened that my imagination is so limited. So I am going to try to retrain my brain.

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