Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Diary of a Diet: Part 4

7am Day 12: "Is it Day 11 or Day 12? All the days are running together. I am used to eating the different food. I can't remember the taste of bread or ice cream."
3pm Day 12: "I can totally remember the taste of ice cream!! I want it in my face right now!!"
10pm Day 12: "I am having cravings for foods I don't even like. I don't really like cheesecake but, boy, I would stab a kitten for a piece now. Even just plain, burnt cheesecake from Aunt Tilda."

7am Day 13: "I am rocking this! I am so comfortable with eating only the good foods, I could do this forever! I feel so much thinner and healthier."
3pm Day 13: "I wonder how much weight I have lost? I know I shouldn't look at the scale because this is about eating healthy and not a number on a scale. But it would be very encouraging for the next few days if I saw the real results. No! I won't break down. I won't step on the scale. Scales are evil!!"
10pm Day 13: "I stepped on the scale...Wah!!!! I only lost four ponds!!! Ack! All this frigging work for only four stupid pounds. I have taken poops bigger than that!!"

7am Day 14: "Ok. Four pounds is okay. It's four less than I was carrying. This is okay. I will keep working on this diet. I can't give up now."
3pm Day 14: "Ugh! I am so tired of this diet! I never want to eat another piece of kale again! I just don't want to work so hard anymore! I just want to buy a pizza and a bottle of soda, not slow-roast a brisket and then mash cauliflower and make a lemon walnut emulsion."
10pm Day 14: "This diet is awesome! I feel great! Yay!"

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