Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Dairy of a Diet: Part 2

7am Day 5: "Ok. I am doing ok. I am a little tired of eggs for breakfast but I am ok."
3pm Day 5: "This is easy. I am getting the hang of this. Tonight I will be making vegetable pizza with a cauliflower and almond meal crust and faux cheese using yeast and coconut milk. It's going to be awesome!"
10pm Day 5: "I am so tired!! It took five hours to make dinner. I had to make everything from scratch and it was so hard! And I am starving! The 'pizza' had zero carbs and zero flavor!"

7am Day 6: "Eggs again... yay..."
3pm Day 6: "Oohh! I found a recipe for chocolate pudding using organic cacao and avocados. It looks delish! And it has no added sugar, only pureed dates."
10pm Day 6: "Get your mother &®£|<€ avocados out of my mother [>®{|> pudding!!"

7am Day 7: "Oh god! I hate eggs! Or as I call them 'self-contained snot wads'."
3 pm Day 7: "I am going out to dinner with friends tonight. I have googled the restaurant menu and picked out a healthy meal. I will have to bring my own dressing and make sure they don't use butter in the broiled haddock and ask for steamed veggies on the side instead of the pasta, but that should be no problem."
10 pm Day 7: "Screw it. I ordered the meatball sub with mozzarella sticks for an appetizer and had a brownie sundae for dessert. I mean, how often do I really go out to dinner anyway? This was a special treat."

7am Day 8: "Ow! My stomach hurts so much! I can't believe I ate that much garbage last night! I will not be doing that ever again!"
3 pm Day 8: "I am going out to dinner again. I am prepared and ready this time. I will eat healthy!"
10 pm Day 8: "I totally had the sub again..."

To be continued.