Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brain Tumor!

I think I have a brain tumor! If the doctor's were to take a scan of my head they would see a goat-shaped tumor taking up a large part of my cerebral cortex! The reason I think there must be a medical explanation for this is because I can't help myself when it comes to goats and goat-related things. It's totally uncontrollable. It's a tick, an obsessive-compulsive tendency, an unavoidable driving force. There must be a neuro-chemical explanation!

Some of my new symptoms are: Buying a baby Angora buckling to add to the herd; spending 3 hours per day in the goat barn taking care of my goat babies; contemplating keeping a doeling from this year's kids to add to the herd; wanting to start my own "Adirondack Goat Club"; making weird goat-keeping decisions that I wouldn't normally consider (like doing CAE testing and using herbal dewormer).

It's a brain tumor! Eek!


Michaele said...

I am sorry to say there is no cure for this. Maybe we should start a support group. Goats welcome.

Becca said...

Bahaha! Amen.