Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Maybe it's the three weeks of rain we've had recently.... Maybe it's the threat of my employer laying everyone off and moving to North Carolina.... Maybe it's just me and my luck...

I am very discouraged today. It seems like every smug thought I have had lately has blown up in my face. I was just thinking yesterday how well I was managing my goats and how all of them should be very healthy this year with all my good decisions. Karma is a bitch because she reared her ugly head by making my doe, Gloria, sick this morning. She was very lethargic and didn't eat her breakfast. I tested her for mastitis and she tested positive for it in both teats. One teat was worse than the other so I treated the worse one with ToDAY treatment. Hopefully she will be better by this evening when I get home from work. I guess I won't assume that I am doing a good job, just in case karma hears me say it.

Other things have gone that way recently. Every time I assume something is a good idea, it turns out that it isn't. It's very discouraging.

Oh well, thanks for reading about my problems. Hopefully with the promise of sun will come the promise of better things to come.


Michaele said...

Mastitis is terrible and serious. I wouldn't be very happy either. Guess I am not cheering you up any. Good luck. I hope it works ToDAY

Tayet Silverspoon said...

Uhg, we've been having a lot of rain here in Wisconsin as well. Don't worry, things will get better soon!