Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Definitely NOT a Cake Wreck!

My mommy made me a cake. I asked for a "nice" cake for a party we had a few weeks ago. Well, when she arrived all the way from Buffalo, she was carrying the biggest, most extravagant cake I could imagine! Here is a picture of the cake in all its glory:

The cake is two layers of chocolate and two layers of vanilla. My mom frosted the whole thing with chocolate frosting and then made "bark" out of pieces of chocolate and attached them to the cake. She made the roots, knot-hole, and shelf fungus out of rice crispy treats that she molded and then frosted. The pine cones are pieces of cake that are frosted with chocolate frosting and then have almond slivers stuck in them. She made leaves by coating real leaves with colored chocolate and then peeling the leaf off. The top of the stump and butterfly are made from marshmallow fondant. Pretty impressive, huh?

Here is a close-up of a fondant snake that she made to hide among the leaves. Also she made mushrooms out of meringe and coconut.

No cake shaped like a tree stump would be complete without a fondant toad sitting on top!


Tracy said...


Melodie said...

This is an awesome cake!Just one question,who ate the toad?How funny that must have looked!Hope you got a photo!

Rose said...

The toad wasn't very tasty. My friend's daughter took a bite and wasn't enthused about it. I guess marshmallow fondant looks better than it tastes.