Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goats Coming and Going!

A few months ago I tried to purchase a Nubian male goat. I have one Nubian doe and I want to breed her to another of her breed. My friend said that she had seen this "Nubian" buck at a farm that she had visited about one hour away from my house. I called the farm and talked to the farmer and she said that yes, she did have a "Nubian" buck for sale. He was brown and white spotted and both his parents were "Nubians". Here's the catch: A Nubian is a breed of goat with long, pendulous ears and a Roman nose. They are very distinct in their appearances. Unfortunately some people do not understand that just having long ears does NOT make it a "Nubian". Anyways, my friend volunteered to pick the goat up for me since I was not able to go that day and she was going that way already. I said sure, but did have a nagging feeling that this wasn't going to work out quite right. Well, my friend stopped by my house to drop off my new "Nubian" and I could see from my front door that this goat in her truck was most definitely NOT a NUBIAN. At most he was a Toggenburg with long ears. Maybe his mom was a "Nubian" but he was definitely not.... So I told my friend that she just bought herself a new goat and that I was not interested in that goat at all.

That night I told the story to my husband and his only reply was to say, "You're not going to be one of those crazies with 8 million goats, are you?!". (We already had 12 goats living on the farm and here I was trying to buy another one to add to the collection). The funny part is that the next words out of my husband's mouth, the very NEXT words were, "But you are going to keep those two cute Nubian babies, right?". To explain, we had had two really cute Nubians born this year from my older Nubian doe. They were really cute. I had to laugh at my husband for not wanting me to get any more goats, but also not wanting me to get rid of some of the existing goats!

I did finally find a real Nubian at a farm up in Canton. It was the same farm where I had gotten my first Nubian and I knew that the farmers had never bred anything to their Nubians, except other Nubians. The guy is a real cutey! He is black and white with a little brown. His ears are really long and his nose is really Roman.

I am proud of myself because along with adding goats to the herd this year, I have already sent some away. Just this weekend someone came to pick up Hefty, my 11 week-old Toggenburg/Alpine male. His twin brother, Black Bart, is staying at my farm to be used as my stud this year. Hefty went to a nice farm to be their stud for the year.

And just last night someone came to pick up Matilda and Madge. I sold them both to a nice family that wants some goats to get milk and mow the grass. I sold Matilda because I am keeping her daughter to use for breeding. Matilda was a really good goat and I will miss her not being in the herd. Madge left because I didn't have room for her. She is Gloria's daughter, which I am sure will make her a lovely, friendly goat with a good udder and great personality. She already had plenty of personality!

So goats are coming and goats are going. I have two more goats to get rid of and I am just waiting for the person that is buying them to have a place to put them at his farm. Then I will be down to a herd of only 7 goats and that will be a good thing.

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