Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And Now For Some Good News....

 And now time for some good news: All the remaining baby goats are doing well! Lucy's two Alpine/Oberhasli babies are getting big and now eating grain and hay, along with thrice daily bottles of milk and milk replacer. Ruby's girl, Curry, is a gigantic monster-sized beast! She stays with Ruby at night and then goes with the other kids during the day. She is enormous at 25 lbs and only 4 weeks old. She towers over all the other kids. Her brother, Samy, is finally showing some growth. He was very sick for a while with bad diarrhea. After throwing the kitchen sink at him, it started to clear up and hasn't been back since. He actually looks like a real goat now and not a weird runt. There may be hope for him yet! The best news is that this is the first year in forever that my kids have hit the 4 week old mark without diarrhea from coccidiosis. This year I put them all on a preventative regimen of Corid starting at 21 days old. I have seen no signs of coccidiosis at all this year. Whoohoo!

 You can see the difference in the two Boer kids. Curry is in the back and Samy is in the front. Curry weighs twice as much as Samy!

 Here is Ruby and Curry. It's not an optical illusion, Curry really is that big!

 Prince Charming and Cinderella (her name might change to Princess Fiona, depending on what my 2 year old decides). Prince does have four legs - this is just a weird picture. 

 A close up of Cinderella/Princess Fiona.

 Figaro was shorn last week. He never likes his face done so he's still a little shaggy around the eyes.

Lucy and Daisy.

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