Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fox Song Farm

I have finally found a suitable name for the farm. I have never been very good at coming up with imaginative names. My soap company name has always been "Rose's Goats". This isn't terribly imaginative. If you think that is lame, I named my barn cat "Kitty". The vet made me change the cat's name because he felt it was too lame. I changed it to a somewhat less lame but still pathetic "KC" for Kitty Cat.

I had always hoped to find a good moniker for the farm. Something that conjured up good images and had a story to it. My husband's company is called "Woods-Edge Forestry". Thus "Woods-Edge Farm" was always a contender for the farm name. The farm is technically at the edge of the woods, so it is an accurate description. And yet, that farm name never really held the mystique I wanted it to.

Last night I figured out the farm name. The farm shall be known henceforth as "Fox Song Farm". This name was decided upon as I received my annual springtime serenade from the family of foxes that live across the street. Every year the foxes come back from wherever they spend their winter and they signal their return by a cacophonous series of nightly serenades. A fox's singing is best described as the noise a pig makes when you hit it with a baseball bat. It's not a pretty sound and it is actually quite startling to hear at 2am when you were fast asleep.

Upon hearing the cacophony, my husband recommended that I go out at 2am in the dark and check on the chickens to make sure the fox wasn't bothering them. I mumbled something about if he was so damn worried about the damn chickens, maybe he should go out there in the damn dark and check on them, and then promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. In the morning, in the daylight, I did check on the chickens and they were fine. All of them were not the least bit upset by the fox songs throughout the night.

One of the reasons I don't mind naming my farm after a varmint is that the fox family that lives across the street have never been a problem (other than their annoying midnight serenades!). They have never broken in to any of the chicken pens or goat pens to harm the animals. They don't even bother my fat, lazy barn cat. He pays them no mind and they return the favor. The foxes have taken advantage of some of my chickens if I left them out to free range without locking them in at night. I have actually used the foxes to rid my coop of certain pain-in-the-butt chickens. If I leave the bothersome chicken out for a few nights, eventually it disappears and I don't have to worry about it anymore. The foxes and I have a symbiotic relationship in that sense.

So "Fox Song Farm" shall be the name of my farm from now on. I am not totally sure where I will use the farm name but I have it set if I should need it.