Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Update

All is well on the farm at the moment. It's the hottest day of the year here. We're very lucky because up here in the North Country, the "hottest day of the year" means that it is 90F, breezy, and cloudy. It's actually very pleasant right now. We've made out pretty well so far this year in terms of weather. It was a snowy, cold winter -- which is normal for up here. It was then a wet, cold spring -- somewhat normal. That gave way to a sunny, cool summer -- also normal. We've avoided most major weather problems. No crazy blizzards, no ice storms, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no drought (yet), and some flooding. Hopefully the summer will give way to a nice long fall and we can start all over again.

The goats are good. Gloria, Lucy, and Cookie have settled into their lactations. All are being milked twice a day and doing well. They all look pretty good this year. Even the over-achieving Gloria has been able to keep some of her calories out of her udder and maintained good body condition. The kids are good. Most of them have gone to new homes. I have 2 doelings left that have a home lined up but the people aren't ready for them yet. Hopefully they will leave before November. The boys and girls have been separated. The buck, Rosco, has matured quickly and now must stay away from the girls or else there could be some unintended rendezvous! He is happily living in the buck pen with the Angora wether.

The family is good. Tom is busier than a one armed paper hanger right now. He's been building rock walls, doing landscaping, cutting trees, climbing trees, chipping brush, and building septic systems. As long as the weather cooperates, he is out working. People shouldn't complain that there isn't any work out there. If you need something to do, call Tom. He'll give you something to do!

Emily is good. She loves water and swimming! She gets so excited during bath time that she starts to cry because she wants to be in the water right away. Her daycare has a little pool and a sprinkler. It's always a fight to get her to come home from daycare when she is out in the pool. She wants to stay and swim all day!

Summer is rolling on, all is well.

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Tayet Silverspoon said...

I wonder if Emily would like it when it rains?