Friday, March 26, 2010

The 2010 Kids Are Here!

Lucy had twin bucks last night at 10pm. She was kind enough to wait until I got home from yoga to start labor. Both boys are doing well! Lucy is looking great also!
Here's the two boys! They are living in the house at the moment seeing as it will be 0F out tonight.

I am taking suggestions for names for these guys. I think one will be Franky. I don't have a name for the other yet.

This is the guy that needs a name. Let's have a contest! Write in name suggestions to the "Comments" section of this blog. The winning name will be picked randomly from a hat. The winner of the name contest will receive two bars of "Rose's Goats: Goat Milk Soap". I will pick a winner next Friday. Let the naming begin!!!!


Melodie said...

How about Frodo? Frankie and Frodo !

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

If the boys are in the house, where is Lucy? Are they not staying with their mother?

Oberon - King of the elves. Obie for short.

Pricilla said...

They are images of their nanny now aren't they.

I'm thinking with Franky you have to have Jonny

Da Bean said...

Opie Taylor!! HeHe

Rose said...

Lucy is out in the barn. I bottle feed my kids so I took them in the house. It was 10F that night so they got to stay in the kitchen. Lucy got to have her heat lamp on and lots of cookies.

Dina said...

Personally one of them should be named Billy the Kid.